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Five-Year Report

CHIP Directors

Kari Ellingstad, MPH

Maggie Kennedy, RN, MSN

Leslie Clarke, PhD

A Short History of CHIP

Key events that paved the way for key accomplishments    

Year 1:  2002 - 2003

  • CHIP was created with funding from the Gulf Coast Community Foundation of Venice and local hospitals and health departments.  Initially managed by SCOPE.
  • CHATs (Community Health Action Teams) were created to engage citizens in the Venice area (LOVN), Englewood, and North Port.
  • Leadership Council was created to engage local leaders.
  • Data was collected and analyzed for the Health Profile of Sarasota & Charlotte Counties.

Year 2:  2003 - 2004

  • First Community Health Survey was conducted, resulting in publication of Community Voices: Results from the CHIP Household Survey.
  • Health System Collaboration Committee (HSCC) completed the Health System Assessment Report for Sarasota & Charlotte Counties.
  • CHATs remained active, identifying priority health issues and developing strategic plans.
  • CHATs developed and distributed Health & Human Services Directories.

Year 3:  2004 - 2005

  • CHIP ceased to be managed by SCOPE and relocated to Sarasota County Health Department.
  • Sarasota County Health Scorecard was developed as a way to track and guide local health improvement efforts.
  • Health Provocateur Project launched, convening local hospital CEOs and health department administrators.
  • LOVN Care Team Diabetes Project was initiated to bring clinical, educational, and social support to high-risk diabetic seniors.

Year 4:  2005 - 2006

  • The first CHIP Information Center, providing health and wellness information and referrals in the Venice area, opened as a pilot project.
  •  CHIP staff grew to include a CHAT Coordinator and CHIP Centers Coordinator.
  • CHIP brought national experts in healthcare and community health to speak to leaders and citizens.
  • Health Insurance Forums were co-sponsored by CHIP and the Community Alliance.

Year 5:  2006 - 2007

  • Second Community Health Survey was conducted.
  • A total of seven CHIP Information Centers operated.  The CHIP Centers newsletter, HealthNews, was widely distributed in south Sarasota County.
  • Regional alliances expanded - more hospitals and health department leaders became involved with the Health Provocateur Project.
  • Get Sarasota Insured (originally called CSI: Health) was created to address the issue of the uninsured in Sarasota County.

Year 6:  2007-2008

  • The Heath System Collaboration Committee identified health priorities for Sarasota County, in collaboration with the Community Alliance.
  • Community Health Interactive brought together more than 180 individuals to share ideas to make Sarasota County a healthier place to live.
  • The Newton CHAT was started in association with Newtown Front Porch.
  • Sarasota, Desoto and Charlotte Counties all went tobacco-free a collaborative effort of the Health Provocateur Project.