February 2008


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CHIP is made possible

because of the generous support of these community partners:



Community Foundation

of Sarasota County 

Gulf Coast Community Foundation of Venice
The William G. and Marie Selby Foundation

Florida Department
of Health

Sarasota County Health Department 

Sarasota County

Charlotte County

Health Department


Charlotte Regional Medical Center

DeSoto County Health Department

DeSoto Memorial Hospital


Doctor's Hospital
Englewood Community Hospital
Fawcett Memorial

Peace River Regional
Medical Center

Sarasota Memorial
Healthcare System

Venice Regional
 Medical Center


The Community Health Improvement Partnership,
or CHIP, brings together a dynamic collaboration of individuals,
organizations, hospitals, and others to build better health
and wellness for Sarasota County.
Getting Health on the Menu in Local Neighborhoods
Over the past several months, CHIP has been working with Sarasota County Neighborhood Services to develop materials which underscore the role that neighborhoods play in shaping health. We’ve created a “menu” of ideas to inspire healthy changes at the neighborhood-level. And we’ve also developed a companion website  -- dubbed the Neighborhood Cafe --complete with local tools for creating a healthy neighborhood. The website also includes a storybank to showcase local activities. Check out the Neighborhood Café at www.chip4health.org/neighborhoods. And don't forget to share your story!

Grant from Selby Foundation Helps CHIP Centers Evolve

CHIP Centers are a free public service providing local health and wellness information.  For the past few years, the Centers have been conveniently located throughout South Sarasota County in places like libraries, community centers, and the YMCA.
In 2008, CHIP Centers will adopt an updated approach to delivering health and wellness information and connecting people with tools to create a healthier community. This exciting project is made possible by the Selby Foundation, which awarded the Sarasota Coun! ty Library System a grant to place interactive health information kiosks in all of the County’s libraries.  This grant, a coordinated effort between the County and CHIP, also provides for kiosks in each Sarasota County Health Department clinic. 
Hospitals, Health Departments, Foundation Support CHIP
In 2007, 8 regional hospitals and the Sarasota and DeSoto County Health Departments gave contributions to CHIP which were generously matched, dollar-for-dollar, by the Gulf Coast Community Foundation of Venice.
The Foundation has also established an account which allows individuals to make contributions to CHIP's efforts. If you would like to invest in the health of your community, you can now donate online at www.gulfcoastcf.org/page27421.cfm; select the Community Health Improvement Partnership from the drop-down list.

Save the Date: Community Health Interactive

CHIP ’s Health System Collaboration Committee is interested in fostering community collaborations to promote health.  Over the past several months, the committee joined with members of the Community Alliance to identify three key health priority areas – areas which need more community attention, more action.  These priorities focus on increasing access to healthcare, encouraging healthy, active lifestyles, and improving chronic disease management.
Now we’re prepared to help make that action happen by hosting an energetic event – the Community Health Interactive –  to encourage creative collaborations around these key priority issues. At the end of the half-day event, participants will have created a web of innovative ideas and existing resources. This will be a starting point to help us understand how to best connect like-minded groups and encourage collaborative efforts to create a healthier Sarasota County.

Save the date: Wednesday, April 16th, 9:00 – 1:00 p.m. And click here for more information. 


Diabetes Resource Guide Now Available

A diagnosis of diabetes can be confusing, frightening and isolating. To add to this stress, many diabetics aren’t aware of all of existing diabetes-related resources. With support from Doctor’s Hospital of Sarasota , CHIP has produced the Sarasota County Diabetes Resource Guide to help connect diabetics with local resources.  To request a free copy of the Guide, contact Gail at 861.2969 or download a copy at www.chip4health.org.


New CHIP Research Publications

Over the past several months, CHIP has released several new research publications. Two new reports on the uninsured – one for Sarasota County and one for Charlotte County – have been produced. A short summary on the impact of drug use in Sarasota County has also been produced. Check out the CHIP website to access a complete list of CHIP publications


CHIP to be Present at National Conference

In March, CHIP will be presenting at the Association for Community Health Improvement’s Spring Training for Health Champions in Atlanta . CHIP’s presentation will focus on harnessing data for health improvement, specifically the lessons learned from designing and implementing two large-scale community health surveys. This will be a great opportunity to share CHIP's work and learn about other great health improvement efforts happening around the country. Atlanta , here we come!

News from the CHATS (Community Health Action Teams)

Englewood CHAT 

In 2008, the Englewood CHAT will focus on a walkability project and will be creating their first resource directory. The CHAT continues to explore ways to help address the barriers created in a dual-county community with regard to transportation.  

In the fall, the LOVN CHAT hosted successful community forums related to Home Health Care and Addiction.  Both involved great partnerships with other community groups and providers.


North Port CHAT

The North Port CHAT continues to work on a project to support building a strong, connected community, and find ways to promote and support the Mobile Health Unit services in North Port.   They worked with the YMCA to organize a committee of groups and providers for youth, and continue to work on developing further resources for education and awareness on substance abuse and mental health.


The Newtown CHAT is meeting regularly now, with several projects in the works.  They are working on a community walk, community garden and a community calendar which can be accessed online at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NewtownCHAT/ . 

In recent months, CHIP intern, Heather Schaefer, has been assisting the Greater Newtown Community Redevelopment Corp. with efforts to launch the Newtown Open Air Market. The market is expected to begin on Feb. 22nd and run until June 28. 


Upcoming Meetings & Events


February 13
4:00 pm
North Port CHAT Meeting
Tri-County Counseling


February 18
9:00-10:30 am

Health Systems Collaboration Committee 

Gulf Coast Community Foundation of Venice  


February 22
Winter Forum on Aging

Chelsea Center ( 2506 Gulf Gate Drive in Sarasota )

The Forum will feature special guest Dr. Ronald J. Manheimer of the University of North Carolina at Asheville 's North Carolina Center for Creative Retirement.

Check out SCOPE for more details: www.scopexcel.org.  

February 23

First day of Newtown Open Air Market

Fredd Atkins Park  


February 26

Newtown CHAT
Goodwill, MLK Way, Sarasota


February 29
Summit for Environmental Action

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens

The Summit will be a day-long event that draws together representatives of diverse community groups & organizations – from members of faith-based groups to business, municipal, educational and civic organization leaders. Summit participants will collectively identify actions that can affect positive outcomes for the natural environment.Check out SCOPE for more details: www.scopexcel.org.

March 6

3:00 pm
North Port Health Promotions Committee Meeting
Warm Mineral Springs

March 12
4:00 pm
North Port CHAT Meeting
Tri-County Counseling 
March 14
8:30 am
Venice Community Center
March 15
11:00 am - 5:00 pm
2nd Annual Celebration of the Cultural Richness of North Port
Warm Mineral Springs, North Port
Sponsored by the North Port CHAT with special thanks to business partner, Warm Mineral Springs Spa. To enter the cook-off/bake-off competition, call Diane at 650-4856.

March 17

9:00 am

Health Systems Collaboration Committee
Gulf Coast Community Foundation of Venice
March 18

1:30 pm
LOVN CHAT Senior Focus Subcommittee

Meeting Room A, Venice Library 
March 20

8:30 am
Englewood CHAT

Englewood United Methodist Church
March 25

6:00 pm 
Newtown CHAT

Goodwill, MLK Way, Sarasota




See the CHIP website to keep up-to-date on CHIP events.


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