The Interactive event connected ideas to resources in a creative way.  Its ultimate goal was to encourage continued and expanded interaction, dialogue, and action.  With this in mind, we offer the following tools, accessible at right:


Collaboration Compacts

Designed to facilitate individuals and organizations in initiating and sustaining collaborations, the Collaboration Compact is an agreement between CHIP and one or more community partners.  It outlines the community health issue the collaboration will address and an action plan.  It provides a framework and starting point for creating healthy solutions.



Successful collaborations should be recognized.  Partners agreeing to a Collaboration Compact to improve community health will be eligible to receive CHIP's B3 Awards, which are presented at bi-annual community luncheon celebrations. (B3 references CHIP's tagline: Big Ideas, Bold Action, Bright Future.) Community collaborations will also be spotlighted regularly in the CHIP e-newsletter and website.


In partnership with the Community Foundation of Sarasota County and the Gulf Coast Community Foundation of Venice, competitive Mini-Grants provide collaborating partners up to $1000 to help turn their ideas into action. Applicants must submit a Collaboration Compact and the idea should address one of our three Priority Areas.  Mini-grant applications must be submitted by April 28, 2008.


Additional Supports

Additional supports such as technical assistance, summaries of best practices, and meeting facilitation can be of benefit to collaborations. CHIP can help connect collaborations to these supports. Also, CHIP conducts regular community health surveys and the data needs of compact partners could help inform survey content. 

 Additional resources found online can help support your collaborations: 

Community Toolbox

The Community Tool Box is the world's largest resource for free information on essential skills for building healthy communities.


Health Policy Guide

Health Policy Guide provides evidence-based, peer-reviewed policy guidance and resources to support advocacy and decision-making at the state and local levels.


Collaborative Leadership

Collaborative leadership embraces a process in which people with different views and perspectives come together, set aside narrow self-interests, and discuss issues openly and supportively in an attempt to find ways of helping each other solve a larger problem or achieve broader goals. It is an evidence-based strategy that has proven particularly effective in public health planning that involves multiple stakeholders who share a common interest.


Helpful Tools

Idea Inventory


From Interactive to Action:
Logic Model for Understanding the Process


Collaboration Compact




 Idea Bank: Projects &
Possibilities for Creating a
Healthier Sarasota County



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Community Toolbox


Health Policy Guide


Collaborative Leadership





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