Action Forums

Seven themes emerged at the Interactive to form the basis for continued conversation in Action Forums. Forum participants planned and executed steps to improve community health within those themes.

2008 Mini

Following April's Community Health Interactive, local collaborations were eligible to apply for mini-grants to fund projects to improve community health.  The projects receiving funding can be found here.


 Themes from the

Educate the community
about existing health resources

Expand mental health services

Expand transportation services

Increase farmers' markets
& local foods

Make communities more pedestrian-friendly and increase walkability

Organize wellness activities

Promote health & wellness in schools 


What was the 2008 Community Health Interactive?

The Interactive brought together a diverse group of people to foster creative collaborations with the goal of improving community health in Sarasota County.  Using an innovative, interactive approach, participants did the following:


Created IDEAS for solutions to community health challenges

Identified PRIORITIES by voting for their favorite ideas

Offered RESOURCES available for working on those Big Ideas


What's happening now?

The Interactive event was just the beginning.  Armed with ideas and resources for creating better health in their communities, participants are now taking the next step and putting the plan into ACTION.  Here's how:


CHOOSE an Idea to work on (see the Idea Inventory)

COLLABORATE with others on the idea using a Collaboration Compact

DISCUSS your Idea and plan your Action at an Action Forum


What if I couldn't make it to the event?

Your contribution is still vital! Use this website and the Interactive Blog to learn about the IDEAS and RESOURCES identified and the event, then join the conversation and help create positive ACTION.


Who can I contact if I have questions?

Kari Ellingstad, CHIP Research Coordinator, at 861.2867  or by email.



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