Healthy eating habits and active lifestyles are important goals for the entire family. Parents, you are the main role models for your children— help your family develop healthy habits together by making small changes the whole family can do, one step at a time.

Pathways To Health

The Pathways to Health program provides access to measured walking paths so residents find it easy to fit physical activity into their daily routine. Establishing walking paths at libraries, community centers, churches, and in neighborhoods will make it easier for residents to incorporate physical activity into their day. The length and shape of paths varies.

Small Map of Pathways To Health

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Start Making  5210 logo  Your Family’s Goal - Every Day!

  • Make mealtime family time—kids who eat regularly with their families are more likely to eat fruits, vegetables and whole grains!
  • Put together a family activity list that doesn’t involve screen time—stick it on the fridge where it can be seen easily.
  • Participate in sports the whole family enjoys or take walks together.
  • Always have water available for kids to drink. Set an example by not drinking soda and sugar-sweetened beverages.
  • Have fun together as a family!

Resources for healthy families

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Destination Health: 11 FREE Spots for Healthy Family Fun in North Sarasota  [4MB PDF]





Healthy ideas from the USDA: